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Delft pottery mark query- E 4 8? It’s been handed down a few times and I hope to pass it on to my own children. I don’t know much about the markings and am hoping someone may be able to give an approximate date and location that the piece was produced. Click here to add your own comments. Return to 3. China Chat – French Marks. Royal Crescent travel poster by contemporary artist Peter Holland. Contact here to order print or contact for commissions. Bottom markings – Delft pottery mark query- E 4 8? Top view – Delft pottery mark query- E 4 8?

Antique Minton Marks

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As with anything attractive, there are many copies of the famous Delft blue porcelain that have been made over the years. This distinctive blue and white pottery often depicts scenes from Holland, but back in the old days had a more botanical feel, with tiles, spoons, pitchers, and bowls bearing all kinds of designs.

Today, many of the Delft pieces most commonly found in stores are of the tourist variety — sold for a quick buck without the true hallmarks of traditional Delftware. In the s the Dutch explorers brought in wealth and a variety of products for the nation, which made them a world-class trading partner for other European countries. All of these products held up well over long voyages and were soon considered indispensable for the well-to-do in Europe, the Middle East, and even in the Americas.

What made Dutch pottery so special was that the tea culture in Europe had not yet evolved and at the time the Dutch were some of the few making teacups and the proper paraphenalia whith which to drink tea. The hand-painted pieces were lavishly decorated in vibrant blues, but also other colors like black, red, and yellow, depending on the design. The initial copied designs of the late 17th century were intended to sate the Dutch desire for all things Eastern at the time. The formation of the Dutch East Indies Company in what is today Indonesia was a huge trading force which led to the colonization of the area.

The success of new crops and goods from Indonesia gave rise to a craze for Asian-inspired goods. But, Chinese pottery was quite expensive to import and this made it largely inaccessible to the even the upper classes. The first imitations were made for tea drinking, another Eastern influence. These early Delft teapots and cups were not porcelain, but were in fact pieces of earthenware which had been dipped in white glaze in order to imitate the fine Chinese pieces that were so exclusive.

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Delft Plaques and Plates – Created for Decorators and Reproduction Wholesalers​. This incised in some confusing and erroneous conclusions. In the ceramic.

Delft is a popular tourist attraction, home to Delft University of Technology regarded as center of technological research and development in the Netherlands, Delft Blue pottery, and the currently reigning House of Orange-Nassau Delftware or Delft pottery, also known as Delft Blue Dutch: Delfts blauw , is a general term now used for Dutch tin-glazed earthenware, a form of faience.

Most of it is blue and white pottery, and the city of Delft in the Netherlands was the major centre of production, but the term covers wares with other colours, and made elsewhere. It is also used for similar pottery that it influenced made in England, but this should be called English delftware to avoid confusion. This “Majolica” was made with a tin-glaze and found its origins in Italy and Spain. This porcelain, especially the blue and white became very popular. The imported Chinese porcelain meant competition.

Civil war in China made that imports from China went down. Customers asked for specific items which due to distance took a long time to deliver and due to language problems the delivered item was not always what was ordered. In Delft, in the seventeenth century 32 factories were producing Delftware. One of them was a factory called “de Paauw”. These factories were often established in beer breweries which had stopped their production.

In the nineteenth century due to competition from other factories like Wedgewood in England and lack of innovations, the highlight of Delftware had come to a close. Nowadays in Delft only a few companies still produce the entirely handpainted traditional Delftware.

How to Identify Antique Dutch Tiles

All masters and apprentices working at this workshop had to be inscribed in the Delft St Luke Guild Book. In this book was published in a page text by Obreen. In this text has been scanned and is now available and fully searcheable on this internet site.

Inicio > Dating delft marks. Identify the ceramic collector. Plus how to miss with use of classic pottery. Men looking for further research based on delft blue and.

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Pottery marks’ dates can be misleading

Known dates: to the current day. Born Stein production restarted again in the ‘s. Impressed mark. Dated – Not necessarily from the Mettlach factory. Old impressed mark on stein currently known as Mettlach

Learn more about these beautiful ceramic pieces and their marks below. Via/ Wiki Commons. The History of Delft Pottery. In the s the Dutch explorers brought.

Several factors contribute to determining when and where an antique Dutch tile was made, including: the type of clay used, the thickness and texture of the tile — early tiles are usually thicker and rougher than later versions — the glaze, the subject of the design, and the maker’s marks. Rare tiles command the highest prices, but with few exceptions, the names of most historical ceramicists are unknown. The Dutch tile industry began in the 16th century in Antwerp, a thriving port with a diverse population that included many residents from other countries, including potters from Italy.

Their work included tiles in vivid colors of blue, green, purple, yellow-orange and an orange-like brown. Each individual tile surface displayed a design that was part of a larger pattern consisting of four or 16 tiles. These brightly colored tile patterns were used to decorate floors and walls in a polychrome design. Blue and white corner motifs appeared in the Dutch tiles, and these combined to form secondary patterns in large tile installations.


Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. The book “Discovering Dutch Delftware” shows this mark with the same date code as yours symbol on the left and says it’s ca. Note that the number up top is the shape and not the pattern. I found a different design with the same number on here, about halfway down.

History, dates and marks of French and other European pottery: Badonviller, the long production period of this earthenware, it is often difficult to date an object​.

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